Boxed Relationship Therapy

FREE RELATIONSHIP THERAPY: Even if you’re taking steps to help your remote workers prevent burnout, adapt to telecommuting and balance work and family obligations, living and working from a home-office for an extended period of time can make it difficult not to feel lonely.

FusionDesign believe teams should be seen. Really seen. We know they pour their hearts into your business and deserve recognition. ⁠


The thing is though… ⁠

⁠As a pro-active boss you want to create fun interactive moments of celebrations, but...

  • How do you create a shared experience?
  • That is not too time-consuming to organise?!
  • And so stressful when you have your team scattered across neighborhoods, even provinces, and each with unique cultures and preferences?


And this is where FusionDesign's social and PR division has come up with SYZYGY. A coordinated effort where your team receives shared experiences of dining, gifts and entertainment. Best of all the social media posts + stories that we add are crucial for your business's visibility and success and build incredible team pride and strength.


We will keep giving you regular relationship tips.

⁠Our last word of wisdom is to contact to chat to her about your team and how you can celebrate their strength.

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