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Marketing is about communicating messages clearly and concisely. So here's a glossary of common industry terms to make sure we're all speaking the same language.

Above the Fold: This term goes back to print newspapers when the leading story was positioned above the physical fold of the newspaper. In digital terms, it refers to copy and images that appear on a webpage before the user scrolls down.

Above-the-Line: Marketing involving mass media such as television, radio and print ads that target a larger, general audience.

Awareness: Recognition and identification of an organisation, brand or product.

B2B - Business-to-Business: Marketing of products or services to other businesses.

B2C - Business-to-Consumer: Marketing that promotes products or services to individuals

Below-the-line: Marketing directed at smaller, targeted audiences such as PR, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media and Events.

Branding: Creating a unique name and image in the consumer's mind through a consistent theme.

Brand Management: Maintaining, improving and upholding a brand's reputation.

Content: Information shared with readers such as social media posts, blogs, videos or infographics for the purpose of entertainment, persuasion or education.

Conversion: When someone takes a desired action such as subscribing to a newsletter, downloading content, donating, watching a video etc.

Copywriting: Writing persuasive, compelling copy (text) that aims to promote something or encourage action.

Corporate Identity: Colours, designs and copy that communicated a consistent visual statement about a company.

Distribution: how products, services or messages are delivered to users, clients or customers.

Engagement: Interaction with social media such as sharing or liking your post or tweet. More than just reading.

Impression: When an online ad is shown.

Graphic Design: Arranging visual elements and type to convey a visual message. In printing, graphic design would include paper selection, ink colours and printing processes.

Influencer: A person whose views, when shared on their chosen platform, influence the perceptions, decisions, purchases or donations of others.

Infographic: Visual content using graphs, icons, arrows or other elements to present statistics, a timeline or a story in a visual way.

Integrated Marketing: Coordinated and consistent marketing campaign/strategy across all media channels.

Newsletter: Email or printed collection of relevant news, tips or information shared with a specific audience.

Organic: Not paid for (as opposed to paid search engine listings and boosted Facebook posts).

Reach: Amount of people exposed to a particular piece of paid advertising or media during a specific time period.

Responsive: Websites that automatically adjust to fit any device (desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones).

SEO - Search Engine Optimization: creating content in a way that gains favourable placement in search results and organic web traffic.

Strategy – the plan for how your company aims to meet its marketing goals.

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