Celebrate International Wine Day with a unique wine experience at KWV

Paarl locals are in for a treat on Saturday 25 May when KWV head winemaker, Wim Truter, will be offering a unique wine pairing experience in the beautiful Cathedral Cellar at the KWV Emporium, situated in Kohler Street in Paarl.

KWV Chief Winemaker: Wim Truter

This special wine tasting, which celebrates International Wine Day, will see visitors sampling a specially selected range of the KWV Cathedral Cellar wines.  The event is also a celebration of the beautiful new label boasted by the Cathedral Cellar wines.

A wine tasting presented by the winemaker himself is a rare opportunity to catch an intimate glimpse into the life of each wine – from vine to bottle – plus the Cathedral Cellar at KWV is a spectacular must-see venue for wine and history lovers.  An impressive display of gigantic wine vats lines the entrance to the Cathedral Cellar - these vats have intricate illustrations of the history of the South African wine industry carved on them.

KWV in Paarl was established in 1918 and is home to a tapestry of rich stories – all woven into the DNA of the wines and brandies produced by KWV.   The Cathedral Cellar was given its name because of its impressive domed ceiling which arches high above ones head, and for the large coloured glass window – reminiscent of the stained glass typically found in cathedrals around the world.

Wim Truter, KWV’s chief winemaker, has been with the company since December 2016 and says that one of the best parts of his job is following the wines from the very beginning to the end.  “From watching the grapes ripening in the vineyard, until you see the finished wine being poured out into the consumers’ glass – it is such a rewarding experience.  I look forward to sharing it with visitors to KWV to celebrate International Wine Day.”

In addition to International Wine Day, the 23rd of May is World Chardonnay Day and Wim will be honouring the superb Cathedral Cellar Chardonnay with a bit of extra focus during the tasting experience.

In addition to the special International Wine Day wine tasting experience on the 25th - visitors to the KWV Emporium can choose from six other enticing wine pairings including a chocolate and brandy pairing, a leaf tea and chocolate pairing, a sweet wine and cake pairing, a MCC and cheesecake pairing, a wine and artisan pie pairing, and a KWV The Mentors and Perold pairing.

The KWV Wine Emporium occupies over 22 hectares in Paarl and is one of the largest cellar complexes in the world - offering sparkling wines, natural wines, fortified wines, liqueurs and brandies, a variety of tasting experiences, and frequent cellar tours.  The KWV Emporium is open Monday to Saturday from 9am until 4:30pm and on Sundays from 10am until 3pm.

For more information, or to book for the special International Wine Day experience taking place at 11am on 25 May (numbers are limited to 20 people so booking essential) please contact 021 807 3007/8 or email




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