10 ways we make your brand #sizzle!

FusionDesign is working towards our 20 years anniversary. With all that experience, we know what works and how to get results. Here are our Top 10 ways to make your brand #sizzle.

  1. Striking Photographs

    Pictures say a thousand words, everyone knows that. When it comes to taking the final steps before actually committing to making a purchase, visuals are crucial. The key: high-quality photographs!

  2. Create Viral Memes

    Funny memes and inspiring quotes are easy to share across various social media platforms. Tip: Include your brand colours and also align the memes or quotes with the values of the brand.

  3. Effective Calls To Action

    Encourage your consumers to act more and take their interaction with your brand further with a strategically placed Call To Action. Fact: 75% of brands do not have strong calls to action, leading to loss of sales.

  4. Trademark Your Imagery

    Place your company logo or slogan on the brand imagery that is used. The imagery that is used should reflect the values of the brand and also what the brand’s unique selling point is. Why? To make your brand flourish.

  5. Use Infographics

    The use of charts, maps, graphs and any other diagrams attracts and maintains attention to information more than words ever could, as they communicate important information faster and also looks nice.

  6. Give Your Brand A Voice

    Video is the best way to ensure that viewers purchase your brand and give it a clear voice and tone. Let consumers see your product in action! A 2-minute video can put your brand ahead of the pack.

  7. Link A Wealth Of Knowledge And Expertise To Your Brand

    Making videos, or writing tips and tricks on the best ways of enjoying your product are always a great visual asset to have and encourage people to share on social media with their friends.

  8. Publish Reviews

    Over 80% of people refer to reviews to determine the quality of your product, it is important to publish all good reviews.

  9. Open And Thought Provoking Questions

    Create conversation that is engaging and thought provoking with consumers – this will allow consumers to open up about their thoughts towards your brand. Using images along with these conversations and open ended questions helps to stimulate social media sharing.

  10. Concept–Create—Communicate

    Get an experienced team on your side to help you successfully set up one of the key success pillars in your business: Marketing. The FusionDesign team combines their diverse skills to create a comprehensive approach that encompasses digital, multimedia, events, activations - as well as traditional design and advertising.

Written by Carmen Lerm

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