How to Write a Brief – Top 5 Tips

A Brief, as the word suggests, should be short and to the point. A well-written brief is the first step towards powerful creative, which is why getting it right is non-negotiable. Here’s 5 easy ways you can use to write briefs that inspire – and do so in double time.


Think Like A Strategist, Write Like A Minimalist
More often than not advertising briefs are written by professionals known as strategists. Or, in extreme cases, account managers. If you are a strategist, or an account manager with an interest in strategy, you probably enjoy lengthy brainstorming sessions.

You thrive on mind maps and like to “flesh things out”. Attributes like those are essential if you want to call yourself a strategist.
Unfortunately they also lead to fluffy briefs: Long documents containing unnecessary content.

Creatives Can’t Don’t Read

When you write a brief, keep in mind your target audience sit in the creative department. Creatives have short attention spans and are unable to read long sentences. Words like ”awareness” and “blogger buzz” confuse them. The best way to get through to a creative is to write like you’re speaking to a 6-year-old. Be clear. Be precise. Be fluffless.


5 Easy Ways To Write Fluff-Free Briefs
Here are the 5 guidelines to writing a successful brief with an appropriate **Fluff Alert** for each:

1.    Find At Least 1 Consumer Insight
**Fluff Alert!**
‘High LSMs spend the most money’ is not an effective consumer insight.

2.    Write A Specific, Obtainable Objective
**Fluff Alert!**
An objective that starts with ‘The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness, generate blogger buzz and create excitement…” only raises suspicion.

3.    Match The Brief To One Project
**Fluff Alert!**
A brief with the words ‘Big Idea’ on the cover is destined for fluffiness

4.    Create A Persona  To Represent The Target Audience
**Fluff Alert!**
Interviewing colleagues will not necessarily produce results.

5.    Position The Brand In The Minds Of The Consumer
**Fluff Alert!**
A 10-word positioning line is pushing it.
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