Exploring South Africa's West Coast Way

Exploring South Africa's West Coast Way

A Decade of Adventure and Beauty

West Coast Way is a destination marketing company that has revolutionised the tourism industry in the Cape West Coast region of South Africa. Founded in 2014 by Carmen Lerm, the initiative offers visitors a unique and diverse experience, highlighting the region's rich culture, heritage, and natural beauty.

Over the last decade, West Coast Way, an alliance of FusionDesign, has expanded its business footprint and established itself as a specialist destination company, building various brands in the travel and tourism industry throughout Southern Africa.

The start of the journey

Carmen Lerm's early years were spent working in her father's fruit and vegetable shop, where she gained valuable customer insights. She discovered that going the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service can make all the difference. She carried this dedication to her work in the business world – never compromising on her commitment to excellence, whether behind the counter or in the boardroom. With her years of experience and connections in travel and tourism, Lerm has created a force to be reckoned with in the form of West Coast Way.

Behind the striking West Coast Way identity

Peter Chadwick, an internationally recognised award-winning photographer and founding member of African Conservation Photography, captured the essence of the Black Harrier, a magnificent bird found in Southern Africa, in his work, which inspired the West Coast Way logo. The Black Harrier’s silhouette is reflected in the West Coast Way logo's shape, which represents the bird's agility and grace in the air. The logo symbolises the destination marketing of South Africa, home to a diverse range of attractions and offerings, which makes up the body of the bird in the logo. The Black Harrier was seen as the perfect choice to inspire the West Coast Way logo, as it is a symbol of both determination and strength.

The Black Harrier by Peter Chadwick

Leading the West Coast Way Launch- Zubeida Abrahams, Leilahn Albertyn and Lisa Huang

Plan your trip with

The West Coast Way road trip starts at the Cape Town Big 6 attractions, including iconic landmarks such as the V&A Waterfront, Robben Island, Table Mountain Cableway, Cape Point, Groot Constantia, and Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden.

"Embarking on a road trip is always exciting, but what if we told you that you could go on a journey that covers six themed routes, allowing you to explore all the hidden gems – from Cape Town to Garies to Nieuwoudtville – and find the best wine and craft beer tastings, olives and Rooibos tea tastings, natural warm pools, cruises, game drives, and much more," explains Lerm. “The initiative has helped to promote the Weskus’s hyper-localized cuisine, culture and biodiversity, all contributing to the growth of the regional economy by attracting visitors from all over the world and promoting sustainable tourism experiences.”

West Coast Way – South Africa's Road Trip with the Most Twists

"West Coast Way's mission is to put tourism within reach of top South African attractions, activities and accommodation places. We measure our success through the growth in tourism numbers and the increase of quality visitor experiences - two business growth factors that go hand-in-hand," concludes Lerm.

Over the last ten years, West Coast Way has successfully marketed premium brands such as Thali Thali Game Lodge, Darling Brew, The Lodge at Atlantic Beach, and Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden.

Contact Carmen Lerm today at 0861 321 777 or and put tourism within your reach.

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